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Roof Cleaning


We pressure wash house exteriors, decks, pool and patio areas, gutters, fences, walks and driveways


Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning

When cleaning residential or commercial roofs
in NJ
using the soft-wash method, we at Thompson Roof Cleaning & Powerwashing follow
strict guidelines for roof cleaning procedure.

We never pressure wash a roof!

Why Soft-Wash Roof Cleaning is Best

Power washing a roof can cause long term damage and
void the warranty of your roofing shingle.

A roof with moss, mold, lichen and black stains cannot reflect
This creates higher attic temps and increased cooling
costs in the summer. Not to mention these organisms are literally eating
your roof
. This is why we treat the problem like “pest control”.

When treating a roof we use a foaming anti-microbial roof detergent containing algaecide and fungicide. This foam is applied
using a pressure no greater than 65 psi, which is a pressure equivalent
to most pressures of a garden hose. We guarantee a 100% kill ratio of roof growths such as mold, moss, algae, and gleocapsa magma (which
is the strand that causes those ugly black stains on an asphalt roofing

When you compare the cost of premature roof replacement and the increased electricity bills with the cost of
treating a roof, you will quickly see that it doesn’t cost to treat a
roof. IT PAYS!

We offer superior roof cleaning service!

When all possible, we try never to step foot on the roof.
We make every attempt to treat all roofs from the gutter line.

We provide a ground man to every job to keep landscapes and surrounding
thoroughly watered to insure all areas are unaffected should overspray
become an issue. Gutter downspouts are bagged to collect any run

Our roofing detergents are rapidly biodegradable. When
the roof soap dries it becomes inert and harmless.

A free estimate is a phone call away

  • Request a copy of our liability and/or workers compensation
    insurance. We will gladly send a copy to your home
    or business by fax or mail.
  • We will take the time to explain each job and offer the most
    effective and affordable solution
    for your situation.
  • Every job, big or small, is as important as the next. After each roof
    treatment a Customer Care Center Representative examines
    every job.
  • We never ask for payment before the job is complete.
  • Every roof cleaning comes with a 5 Year Spot Free Warranty.
    This warranty is standard and is fully explained on every invoice.
  • We have 3 fully stocked mobile cleaning trucks to
    handle any job, any size, any time.
  • Since 2007 we have serviced New Jersey for exterior
    needs. Feel confident knowing we’ll be here next year should
    you need us.



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